Per Bodén: Marketing and Business Development Director

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New Marketing and Business Development Director

Since a few months Per Bodén is our new marketing and business development director and member of SMA Mineral’s management team. This newly created position is part of SMA Mineral’s focus on further growth and new establishments. Per has a background in the steel industry where he held several positions as marketing and sales manager.


The Swedish Government decision regarding expanded N2000 area at Lake Bästeträsk

Limestone is an extremely important raw material for the modern society. The question is not whether the limestone on Gotland is needed or not. The alternative to limestone from Gotland is import which entails quarrying at other locations and thereby cost increases, job losses in Sweden, deteriorated competitiveness for the Swedish industry and, not at least, seriously increased environmental impact due to long distance shipments.

I am very surprised and saddened over the announcement left by the Government through Deputy Prime Minister, Åsa Romson, as the county administrative board’s Natura 2000 proposal appears determined in its entirety. We should of course study the proposal in detail but bringing new political and narrow arguments into an independent court process five past twelve allows me to strongly question the rule of law. Our view is that there is no EU obligation to protect this type of land and that there are plenty of alternative areas to protect. Already, Gotland has about 30,000 ha of land protected for environmental purposes. SMA Mineral’s application refers to 40 hectares.

Naturally, we have speculated on what would happen if this kind of decision would come and our assessment remains that we are able to get permit in the continued court process to expand our existing limestone quarry “Stucks”. Our activities can be conducted in harmony with the Natura 2000 and the water ...

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Stabilt för tung trafik Stabilt för tung trafik

SMA Mineral has renovated the lime kilns at the steel plants in Luleå and Torneå

Stabilt för tung trafik Stabilt för tung trafik

During the summer SMA Mineral has made large renovations of the lime kilns in Luleå and Torneå/Röyttä. The refractory brick lining has been completely replaced and additional maintenance work has been carried out during the production stop. The renovations were made sequentially in order to fulfil delivery commitments during the period.

This very extensive work was planned a long time in advance in accordance with customer agreements. It’s necessary for long term fulfilment of customer requirements regarding delivery accuracy and quality, but also to improve the environmental performance of the plant.


What a catch!

The world is full of polluted waters and ugly fish. We feel a responsibility, therefore, to make our world a little healthier, a little happier, a little richer. We lead development in the liming of lakes and we always aim to make our transport eco-friendlier. With our expertise in spreading lime, we also spread a little happiness. 

To find out more about liming of lakes and wetlands, please contact our experts,


Mats Lindberg, +46 590 166 41

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  What a catch!
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